Developer Software 7 GmbH
Based in Regensburg, Germany
Founding date April, 1999
Yes, my friends, in the last millenium ;-)
Websites Blog: https://www.software7.com
Other Products: https://www.software7.biz
Mombari: https://www.mombari.com
Press / Business Contact stephan [at] software7 [dot] com
Address Zollerstr. 13
93053 Regensburg
Phone +49 941 – 20 90 46 04


Software 7 GmbH is a small company privately-owned by Stephan Schlecht. It has been in operation for over ten years.


After studying computer sciences and working for several years on software in the graphics and prepress area, in 1999 Stephan Schlecht founded Software 7 GmbH.

Software 7 GmbH develops all kinds of software on contract. To give an impression of the scale, the smallest project took little more than a day, while the largest took over six years!

Occasionally, there is the possibility of creating a self- funded product.

Among Software 7's customers are companies, corporations and institutions of all types and sizes. Some of the more well-known include: Infor Global Solutions, McGraw-Hill, Audi, Bosch, EMC Corporation, Bentley Transportation, Lufthansa Systems, Nokia and Hessischer Rundfunk..