Q: Who is making Sonemix?

A: Sonemix is made by Software 7 GmbH.

Q: Is Software 7 GmbH a big studio?

A: Software 7 GmbH is a small studio. Its only employee is its managing director, Stephan Schlecht.

Q: Was everything made by a single person?

A: No. The app includes many licensed assets produced by very talented folks.

Q: On what platforms will Sonemix run?

Sonemix will run on iOS and Windows Phone 8.

Q: Is it possible to share compositions between iOS and Windows Phone?

A: Yes. Upload it to Dropbox and share it via email, Twitter, or whatever you prefer.

Q: Does Sonemix have access to all files and folder in your Dropbox?

A: No. Sonemix implements the permission type 'App Folder'. This means Sonemix has only access to the files in the directory 'Apps/Sonemix'!

Q: I would like to see Sonemix running on platform XYZ. Possible?

A: Perhaps :) Write me an email to support[at]software7[dot]com with your suggestions!