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Sonemix in Action on iOS and Windows Phone 8...


Make awesome music. Very easy. For everyone. Very addictive.

Make your own music simply by tapping on some squares. The secret is that every combination sounds harmonically great. So anyone can make great sounding music without prior knowledge. Try it!

You can choose between three instruments, see the squares at the upper right. By choosing the blue square, you can even add a really cool beat with drums. You can save your projects to Dropbox and share it with your friends, or even save it as a ringtone.



Sonemix is available for iOS (Universal), Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.1!

Ratings as of September 2014

Worldwide, there are 40 ratings for the Windows Phone version and 6 ratings for the iOS version. Sonemix is rated with an average of 4 stars. The distribution can be found in the following graphic. Ratings of Sonemix as of September 2014


Feature requests, suggestions and bug reports very welcome: please contact support[at]software7[.]com.